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Our lives are amid by distances. But unfortunately, we the brilliant people of this epoch, love to evade from comprehending the things. We must understand that distances are constant, distances are necessary. It brags us to achieve our goals. But by the time, preferences change, thoughts change, plans change but distances remain. It lies between your hearts and the satisfaction; you get after reaching to your desired destination. But after a very small chunk of seconds, you realize that it is not much satisfactory for you. You should go for something you don't have, you don't own and it sets up the base for new gaps. You think you can possess the whole world? You are infinitely wrong. Aren't you? You just can't do it. You were put on this Earth by awarding a limited amount of breaths. But what about this world? It has been eating people since too long. And definitely it will swallow you too and then you will be buried unsatisfied, unfulfilled and then you will realize the worth of satisfaction. It would be much better if you have left things unobserved. You shouldn't have sold your mental leisure at a cheap dirt. Distances are still there filling the gaps of your temples. Within you. Within your soul. Inside you. It resides in you. But now that you are aware of its nature. You will be regretting upon it. You want your desires to steer you in such kind of eyesore phase? Are you really willing to afford a trade of your inner satisfaction with your urges?
If yes, then indeed, you are a perfect example of idiot.

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