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Divorce means the separation of the couple from each on permanent bases due to some of the unavoidable circumstances. The divorce is being practiced in all over the world on different terms and conditions according to the social structure and the social religion of that area. People all over the world are making the divorce due to some of their social problems and some do the same practice due to fashion of the day as to social change in each of the their property. People do consider their wives as their property, not their human partner with same the social power and social authority.


Main Reasons behind the Divorce

  • Ø The unavoidable circumstances

People have an opportunities of doing the divorce in case of some unavoidable circumstances during their married life but it is the last option when there is no other way to live together future more but all over the world this is now a trend that people always do the same practice that they do divorce on the bases of some lame excuses which is making it harmful for the social order and social structure of the societies.


  • Ø People social misunderstanding

People sometimes cannot understand each other and fail to build a love bond with each other so they then cannot live together and ultimately they decide to be separate from each others.

  • Ø Patriarchal societies

In the world most of the societies are on some patriarchal social setup which makes the men a more authoritative than females. This patriarchal social setup always permits the males to do their own will by which they misuse this social authority and do the divorce.


  • Ø Female as submissive in nature

Basically the females are submissive in nature and they are totally dependents on the males so their this submissive nature have also pushed them to divorce from their husbands.

  • Ø Social dependency of females

Females are kept bounded in the homes especially in the Islamic states which also is cause of dependency which future causes the divorce.


  • Ø Trend of disposable

The world is going toward the change of taste on some regular bases which have made it easy to divorce and do the second marriage.

  • Ø Globalization impacts on social structure
  • People are sharing their ideas by the trend of globalization in the world which is also a cause of the divorce.

  • Ø Misuse of religion relaxation
  • Different religion give the option of separation but only in the last option when you have no any other option to carry on your matrimonial life with the same wife but people make some lame justifications to give the divorce as in Pakistan is the practical example.


    Suggestions to control the divorce

    v Proper social control over social institutions of the society

    v Social restrictions upon such a deviant person

    v Awareness about the value of the marriage importance

    v Brainwashing about the marriage

    v Fear about the loss of divorce


    People are being modern and are going far away from the social bonds of the societies. Traditions and culture is being shared by the people all over the world. Especially in Pakistan people are doing so much divorce that they think it as their legal and social right which they can use it when they wish. So people should do the proper check and balance over the people and there should be a proper restrictions upon the deviant people of the society. People should use the Islamic options according to the given circumstances in the society.

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