Do smokers get annoyed with this?

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I have never smoked in my entire life even though I grew up surrounded by smokers. My mom, dad, sister, grandparents and later 99% of my friends, they were all smoking. Funny thing is that I was probably the only one among all my friends who actually wouldn't have to hide it from parents. When I started going to highschool my parents told me: "We are smokers and we have no right to forbid you smoking, it would be best if you don't start it but if you do, don't hide it from us."
I'm wondering is that the reason why most of young people start smoking, because its "forbidden"?
Anyway, during all these years I noticed I'm always trying to make everyone to stop smoking. I always make it a joke, like i don't let them to light up the cigarette, i'm telling them they should stop because its bad for health, because its bad for their wallet and things like that.
And I'm really not doing it because cigarette smoke bothers me. I probably inhaled more smoke during my life than any other non-smoker in the world so I'm pretty much used to it. I actually try to make them stop smopking for their own good, mostly for their financial good because we all know how expensive cigarettes are now. And yes I know "what the hell, financial good? shouldn't health be more important?"
Well like I said, I've been surrounded with smokers all my life and that includes some older people who have been smoking their whole life and guess what, none of died due to cigarettes. I don't say its not bad for health, I just say its not as bad as people believe.
So I was wondering do smokers get annoyed when a non smoker tells them they should stop smoking? None of my friends/familly ever told me I'm being annoying but maybe they just didn't want to be rude.


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