Do you know How to Make Tasty Seasoning Pecel catfish

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Do you know How to Make Tasty Seasoning Pecel catfish

Catfish Given Pecel said, often times terbesit in our minds about five feet culinary nan is very simple. Yes, the menu at this one though if the full simplicity but has a flavor so delicious. Pecel catfish itself so we can easily find in big cities, because many businesses that make Menu Pecel catfish as their businesses. Well, if you ever wondered how the heck do I make a seasoning sauce that is delicious catfish pecel it? The following recipe today will give her secret recipe. Sambal Pecel Catfish Seasoning Ingredients Special: 250 g Tomato Vegetable Catfish Seasoning Special Pecel 100 gr onion 5 cloves of garlic 6 grains of cayenne pepper 3 grains of red pepper 5 grains hazelnut Sugar, salt and flavoring to taste flavors. How to cook catfish Pecel The Delicious: First fried tomatoes, red onion, garlic, red pepper, walnut, and cayenne pepper. Furthermore, the material that has been fried then grind / in blender. Add Brown Sugar, Salt, Flavor Seasonings and blend / grind again until smooth and well blended. Hopefully with the article about Pecel Sambal Recipe Seasoning Special catfish could provide benefits above and add a repository of knowledge about your recipes. Good luck ... !!


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