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I noticed that pork chops were on sale this week and I have been craving them, so I kept looking at all the different cuts that were available. My favorite has always been the rib chop, probably the most familiar, which I learned from the butcher, is cut from the center front of the loin. It's my favorite because it contains a large portion of loin meat and a rib bone that adds a lot of flavor to the meat.
Other cuts include the loin chop, the porterhouse of chops that are meaty and lean.
Then, there's the blade chop, which is cut from the loin closest to the shoulder. They are thicker and marbled with a back rib bone, and often used for Country Style Ribs.
There is also the Top Loin chops which are boneless and the Sirloin chops, which are meaty, marbled and flavorful.
I decided to get my favorite, although any of them would have been OK with me
Do you like pork chops?

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