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Being a miner is a serious business. Cloud Hashing is the future of mining. Welcome to the future. Welcome to CoIntellect.

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About us
As a brand new cloud mining company, we make it easy for you to cash in on the lucrative crypto- currency phenomenon. Our company is named CoIntellect because for you, we really strive to create a rewarding online financial experience. In addition, you have the opportunity to earn money as well as increasing your revenue by contributing to our platform. We also have hash rental services that will benefit you.


Overview of Mining
Objectives of Modern Mining
Simply put, mining is the process of using computer hardware to calculate hashes. Because cryptocurrencies do not have central servers, their very existence depends upon miners facilitating the network. This process of mining helps propagate the transactions that take place on the network. Without miners, the network would cease to exist. As a result, the core protocol incentivizes the process by providing miners with a reward for their service. The reward, also known as the "block reward," is THE highly sought-after benefit of mining. Mining can be done on a processor (CPU,) video card (GPU,) or a high-efficiency miner (ASIC.)

Objectives of Modern Mining
One of the coolest aspects of modern mining and cryptocurrencies is to spread the wealth among everyone so no one hoards the biggest part of something. Everyone has a piece of the pie, and no human or dog can control what you mine or when you mine!


Solo Vs Pool
Objectives of Modern Mining
Pools have a better advantage of making a profit than solo mining as they receive consistent pay-outs and find blocks continually. Solo miners on the other hand need to possess strong hashing power just to find a block because of the competitive nature of mining. So it can get hard just being solo. But we’re here to give you a helping hand.

Challenges of Solo Mining
Solo miners could make a profit in the early times of crypto-currencies because of the low network difficulty. In those times solo mining was practical. Now that’s changed by the network difficulty rising up which means there will be a higher hash rate to collect the same reward. CoIntellect makes it possible for solo miners to find a block, which would otherwise never have happened.


Earnings and Profits
As a miner, you can turn a profit by contributing your hash rate to our pool. Our platform’s primary component will allow you to generate revenue by using rented hash power to mine your favourite coins. In addition, you will get a pay-out which is proportionate to your contribution.
When you are a CoIntellect User, you will be invited to take part in our affiliate programme which will give you 10% of your referral spends.

Objectives of Modern Mining
You will be happy to hear that you do not have to worry about malfunctions, how much electricity is being consumed along with connectivity issues and hardware maintenance because of our cloud hashing service. We have a one-step solution which will allow you to sit back and relax. So you can forget about technical nuances of mining and keep your mind on making profits.


Who Is Behind CoIntellect?
Who is behind BitPool?
CoIntellect is backed by an experienced team of industry professionals with extensive backgrounds in computer science, network security, and finance. As we have been following the crypto phenomenon from its inception, we are confident we can deliver a premium experience.

Why use CoIntellect?
Why use BitPool? •We’re easy, reliable, and profitable
•We provide 24/7 pay-outs and support
•We offer an innovative and next-genreation platform
•We care about making a difference in the world of cryptocurrencies
•Led by a team of cryptocurrency experts
•Easy to use and includes a one-step guide for beginners
•Advanced software which maximizes mining revenue
•Because we want you to be successful here

Our Aims And Objectives
Project overview and Concept description
Because CoIntellect accepts payments in both fiat (EUR, USD) and crypto-currencies such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin, we are different from our competitors in a good way. We offer you two services, one being a lucrative pool and the other being an affordable hash rental service. Sounds easy right? Well it is!
Another bonus is that we are donating a portion of our commission to support and develop Dogecoin and help fund start-ups within this industry. We can only succeed if everyone else does.

Advantages and other things
Earnings and Profits
With CoIntellect's cloud hashing service, users don't have to worry about common issues like electricity consumption, malfunctions caused by the Doge pulling out the power cord, internet connectivity issues, and hardware maintenance. Our one-step solution allows you to forget about the technical headaches of mining and focus on what matters: profit.


Why Do We Need You
We understand if you have no idea what cryptocurrencies are. That’s what we are here for! We excel at getting beginners in this business well acquainted with mining process and how to master the art of increasing your revenue. We enjoy the teaching part and we want to see you become successful. For that to happen, we need an audience who is willing to learn. We’re only being honest!
As for advanced aristocrats in the crypto-currency business, we want you because we can simplify your mining process and stop you from having headaches.

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