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 Dogs were probably the first tame animals. They have accompanied humans for some 10,000 years. Some scientists assert that all dogs, domestic and wild, share a common ancestor in the small South Asian wolf. Although initially thought to have originated as a manmade variant of an extant canid species (variously supposed as being the dhole, golden jackal, or gray wolf, extensive genetic studies undertaken during the 2010s indicate that dogs diverged from other wolf-like canids in Eurasia 40,000 years ago. Being the oldest domesticated animals, their long association with people has allowed dogs to be uniquely attuned to human behavior, as well as thrive on a starch-rich diet which would be inadequate for other canid species.

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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.


The average life span of dogs vary with their breeds but majority of dogs life lies in between 11 to 14 years.Some breeds have short live span lies between 2 to 5 years maximum but some long lived breeds live more than 14 years.On Guinness Book of world records dog named Pusuke lived 26 years and 9 months longest life of dog so far recorded.

How Dog communicate




Dogs have strong communication power and express to humans in different ways.First methid is Scent means distinctive smell , Physical apperance of dog is also strong technique uses by mostly dogs.Dog also convey strong message by facial expression and all these signals are easily understandable by humans.Tail movements and barking are also uses majority of dogs to communicate with humans.




As Pets

Dog as pets have in majority on others animals throughout the world.Majority describe dog as a part of the whole family.Dogs play vital and active role in family.Mojor works done by pet dogs are bring newspaper from lawn and helpinf to pick some things in house.They are also taking entertaining activities in families.According to research there are approx 40 % americans have dogs as pets in their houses.














Benefits of having Pets like dog

Peoples having pets with their families are more active and healthy and in control cholesterol level, even some weight and smoking habits than the peoples without pets.On testing it will confirm that the presence of dog lower down blood pressure and heart rate of dog owner.Dog owner didn't need any exercise because taking care of a dog is almost a full time exercise .Having pets, remove the feeling of loneliness.Dog owners have always safer and less victim of crime.

Breeds of Dogs

There are numbers of breeds of dog.Breeds means kinds.All dogs related to some breed and their young ones are identical to their parents.Its impossible to describe all breeds here but I tried to describe most one by one.

Friendly Breeds


Boxer breed is a breed developed in Germany.Boxer breed is friendly as well as family oriented breed.It is also one of the most honest breed so far.Proper exercise is required for his health because it is an athletic breed.

German Shepherd

 The German Shepherd breed is also friendly oriented breed .Due to his strength and intelligence it is also known as a guard dog.They love interaction and involvement with peoples.They are not aggressive and shy . So, these are good family dogs.


 Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever breed is popular in peoples of all ages.They are born to athletes and love to play and require daily physical exercise.These are basically everybody's friend.



These are medium sized dogs .Their behaviour with children's are more sweet then others breeds.Beagle made new friends too easily because of their friendly nature.




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