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Dolphin is basically a large group of aquatic mammals.These are basically known as oceanic dolphins.  Their name is basically comes from from Greek word "delphis "means dolphin.Dolphins are friendly water creature.Their size ranges from 1.7 meters (means almost 5.6 foot) to 9.5 meters (almost 31 foot) and their weight ranges from 50 Kilograms to 10 tons.


The Dolphin Family

There are number of species of dolphin in the whole world in now a days.Majority of them are marine dolphins while others are river dolphins.Majority of dolphins are happily live in salt water of oceans but some of them also live in freshwater also.Dolphins called by different names.The Young dolphins names as Calves and female ones called Cows and adults are names as Bulls.

We discuss here some species which are easily seen in oceans and we are familiar  with them

1.Grampus griseus

Grampus / Risso's Dolphins  are mammals with larger body with dorsal fins with narrow tail.Their length varies from 10 to 13 feet maximum. 





2.Tursiops truncatus

Tursiops truncatus / common bottle nose dolphin are most common species of dolphin family.They live in groups not alone in oceans.They emit clicking sound to determine location and up coming objects.





3.Cephalorhynchus commersonii

Cephalorhynchus commersonii / commerson's dolphin is basically distinctive from others dophins with amazing black head with white throat.Maximum length of this type is 4.6 feet





 4.Ganges River Dolphin

Ganges River Dolphin mostly found in asian river.There are almost 1000 only of their kinds remains in now a days.These kind of dolphins mostly have long slender beak with small but sharp  teeth for quick snapping action for pray. They varies from 6 to 7 feet in length.





5.Killer Whale

Killer Whale is basically known as big black fish it is also belongs to big dolphin family of oceans.Their length varies from 22 feet to 32 feet .These are giant dolphins actually.Their diets different according to their living location.





Anatomy Of Dolphin

Anatomy of Dolphin is more clear from the following picture.

Difference between dolphins and human brains 

Dolphins and human brains are evolving from day first on universe.Our brains are capable of processing information to any level but dolphins can't do this because they don't have frontal lobes like us , which we use while solving problems of our daily life and planning for future.




Behaviours Of Dolphins


Dolphin as lovely acquatic mammal carries many behaviours we dicuss some of them here.


Dolphins mostly  travels in groups in oceans.Mostly males groups working together to spread females from their close ones to mate with her. 



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