Dosa, Idli and Wada – Taditional Breakfast For Today

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Dosa, Idli and Wada – Taditional Breakfast For Today

Good morning dear,

Today we have gone somewhere early morning. At the time of coming back from there, we purchased the breakfast and parcel for the home. It was really the awesome traditional breakfast of Southern region part in India. Really those are super delicious and attractive dishes. I always prefer ‘Idli’ but today I wished to have “Masala Dosa” but my husband’s favorite is “Wada”. So we took all mixed and came home with the giant pack. We tasted all one by one by everyone. It became so delicious breakfast for today. The starter of the day was good, let see how the rest of the day will appear to me.

Had you have breakfast yet? Wish you all a good day.



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