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A daughter of my parents,

A mother to my daughter,

A lover, A student, and A part timer ... 


That are the responsibilities I am handling now and how I am able to handle it. Is it easy to do it in the same time?

Having a life that you do not know if you are living it to the fullest or you are just having a life that is miserable that you do not know how to be happy, how to enjoy life but all the expectations they are looking up to you totally high that almost put you on frustrations.

 How can I still able to smile despite of all of that? What are my motivations? How I do handle everything despite of nothing in you? 


All become possible because of LOVE. Love from the family, friends, people surrounds me and God. 

Without them all, may be I cannot be able to smile, to laugh with them, to enjoy life and becoming too positive enough in facing storms in life. Have I ever think of quitting? Giving up? 

Honestly, YES! I DID! That was the time that I got mistake on my whole life, loving a person that never loved me back and that when I get Shun Leanne, but when I give birth to Shun Leanne; that was the start of the new me. I already got another responsibility to take and I know I never had regret having Shun Leanne in my life because its the best blessing ever, the best gift God given me. 

Storms, struggles - - is just part of life, its normal, no one live without struggles, without problems because it is the test of life. Life never been challenging without it.


I know when the time comes, everything will be fine!


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