Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Episode 44: "The Monarch of Humanity"

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It's that episode again wherein the heroes recall their past adventures. In the previous episode, Yamato's uncle Mario discovered that Yamato and the others are the Zyuohgers. He wasn't surprised at all until Yamato told him the existence of the Zyumans (that includes Yamato's teammates, Larry and Bud) and Misao's power came from Genis. Mario made his own suit and called himself the Monarch of Humanity, Zyuoh Human, having pink-colored suit (since the current team doesn't have a pink at all).

Meanwhile, Bud and Larry met up to give the fragment of Azauld to the Zyuohgers while the latter stole Bud's Zyuoh Cubes. Back in the Sagittari Ark, Azauld's body was scanned and found the Zyuoh Cubes in his body. He then hunted down the two Zyumans.

What's noticeable in this episode is that Misao and Leo are playing cards that has another Sentai on it (It's Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, in preparation for their team-up movie weeks from now).

I was expecting for the cast to greet a happy new year on the viewers and wearing their kimonos since it was the week after the new year.

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