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Evry one should have dream in their life to be more spirit and spirit to face the life. If there is someone who doesn’t have dream, they will be confused and stress every day. Why is dream important in this? Because with dream we have purpose live in the world and we can live in the world peacefully. On the other hands, if we do not have dream we just live simply without improvement.

Dream is like fuel that can make someone do action faster and smarter, dream is like home that can make us shalter next time when we have been old, dream is liike book where we can read again what we have written last time ago and we can open it again next time.

So that many people ask to us about our dream when we were still at school and unversity, and every time always changeable because of our needs are changeable too. When we were still child we said to our friends we wanted to be president, doctor, pilot. But long by long it is just imagination because we have known how so hard be president, doctor, pilot is.

When we have graduated from university, we had dream to be businessman, boss, director, lecturer and manyothers. So the conclusion is the more we have knowledge the more we dream. To make our dream be true, we just need action, action in everything to achieve it well. Action in struggling, action in doing, action in praying and action in striving. If we have done those actions seriously, we just wait what will happen.

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