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“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” is quoted by Benjamin Franklin

      Early rising means to get early up early in the morning. The people that wake up with the cock’s crow always remain healthy, happy, wealthy, fresh and wise. Early risers have enough time to complete their daily hassles before the sun rise. They have enough time to take exercise and to pay their religion activities. They spend very happy life. An early riser always seems fresh and active.  

      Making habit of early rising is very wise decision which leads towards the happiest life. Early rising is such a good habit that makes a man successful. The greatest advantage of early rising is the good start of a hard day’s work. Early riser has great chance to complete his works, to take exercise and morning walk. As in the morning there is very great scene to enjoy, there is fresh air and rule of peace all around. A little exercise at this time keeps the early riser fresh and fit for the whole day.

       The philosopher Aristotle said, "It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom." Aristotle also quoted that "The early morning has gold in its mouth".

No doubt! Waking up early in the morning makes man wealthy and healthy. Early riser earns more money than others and by taking exercise in fresh air, he gets wealth as health. At morning time, the whole environment seems fresh and peaceful, dew drops on leaves and grass shines, birds sing and there is serenity all over. Means all the things of nature are disseminating and cluttering their beauty. All these things refresh the mind and body of an early riser. And as a result of early rising he enjoys all the day.

    Now days, we see that, especially teenagers sleep at late night and get up late. Actually these younger’s are using mobiles and internet for whole night. They have not adjusted proper timetable and have not made any plan for daily activities. We must have proper timetable and proper routine, because we need at least seven to eight hours for sleep, and this can only be possible when we leave our extra activities and will go to bed early.

       A good start of the day is better than getting up late. The people who get up late in morning miss a lot of things. So, while summarizing we must make a habit of early rising.

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