Earn Money $$$ By Just Staying Active of Your Mozilla Firefox Browser Window with Payment Proofs!

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I already earned $0.02 here without doing nothing!

If this is small amount for you, these small amounts may composed the future billionaire!

They are paying you $0.02 if you're browser is always active


What is the function of their toolbar?

- Their toolbar was the one that sents pings to other website and for ad networks may easily fool because they count it as natural traffic.

The more the time you're active, you have the more earning to claim!

I have another $0.02Pending to my account and Pending status will be completed in 24-48 hours so don't worry.

Register here:


Please register under me in exchange for introducing this website XD

You might be the one have blessings if you're in my downline(which was referrals) like in btc-i24


Sorry for erasing details because there are many email harvester bots and I don't want to be included in their list.

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