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now adays everyone is looking on how to earn money online. i am also one of them searching everytime i logged on to my computer specially for searching on internet how to earn money by bla bla bla .

my first experience was about working on a pay to click website clixsense or something like that i worked there clicking ads everyday waiting for money but all i got was just little penny that was worth not more than my hard work there

my second experience was about working on captcha entry sites there were many of them where i worked such as megatypers.com fasttypers kolotibablo 2captcha and many other websites but all i got was small penny

my third experience was to work on HYIP invest program giving high profit but its all fake every website get scam they just take care about their own profit what they earn from investing all we get is 0.0001% of the money they get

then i got the idea in my mind automatically about advertisement and publishing

so my 4 experience was working on adsense or some other webmaster websites which are paying good one of the best advertisement site is adsense which is google's website they pay higher to publishers

you can earn by adsense by making your good blog at blogspot.com or your own good big unique .com website other ways are to earn thru youtube they are also paying good money you can upload your video their and as soon as anyone click on ad which appears at the bottom after 10 seconds i earned almost 7$ doing nothing :) so thats also great for free users

popads are also good for earning you will add popad code on your website and as soon as anyone clicked it it will popup and u will earn money


i made a website of my own which is http://thunderbitz.com i made it PTC website :) 350+ members registered so anyone can advertise there website directly contacting me :) and i am earning from youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr-p1ONHtGY thanks for reading my blog ! :) any question i will feel good to answer

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