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Learning and Earning

Total free join now: http://adf.ly/?id=3470572

Welcome to this brand new Ad.Fly blog!  A place where you can learn about Ad.Fly, so that you can earn from Ad.Fly.  FIrst let me start by explain what Ad.Fly is and then about how I'm going to teach you to start earning there too.

What is AdF.ly?

Ad.Fly is a website that allows you to shorten urls.  But the difference between urls shortened by Ad.Fly and a service like Bit.ly is that if people click on the Ad.Fly link you earn cash.

There are two factors which determine how much money you would've earned:


  • It is dependent on where in the world the person who clicked on your link is, will determine how much money you earned.  Clickers in the US and Europe will give you a higher yield than Indonesia, for example.

  • You can choose to use a framed banner, which will not earn you much, or an interstitial, which can earn a lot more.  (I prefer to use framed banners for linking to different sites andinterstitial for linking to downloadable files or streamed content).

How I'll Teach You

Each week, on Mondays, I'll provide a short lesson on how to use Ad.Fly as a passive earning tool.  I'll discuss the do's and don'ts of Ad.Fly, how to earn more from your forums, making money from legal torrents, how to get clicks from social network sites and many, many more.  PLUS each lesson will contain examples of where you can use your Ad.Fly links.


These lessons will be 100% FREE and provided on the lessons tab, in PDF format.


These lessons will begin in June, so in the meantime sign-up to my blog.  If you have additional questions please contact me via the contact page.

Why I'll Teach You

Hopefully you'll see the benefits of my lessons, learn from them and earn.  When you download the file you will of course have to go via one of my links, earning me money.  

This system means I have to provide quality content, that people want to read, so it's a fair deal for both of us.

I hope you enjoy these lessons and learn from them.

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