Earn More on bitLanders with the Buzz Bonus

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The BuzzScore is what determines your revenues on bitLanders. One way to increase it is to upload buzz and share content. Another way is to take advantage of the Buzz Bonus.


What is a Buzz Bonus?

It is a temporary bonus acquired through daily specific activities. It often lasts for 1 day.


How do I get a Buzz Bonus?

There are different ways to earn a Buss Bonus.

  • When you get new subscribers: Earn 1 Buzz Bonus for 1 day for every new subscriber you get (up to +10 Buzz Bonus per day). Check your notifications.

  • When you shop on our Online Store: Earn 1 Buzz Bonus for 5 days for every 0.02 Bitcoin spent on our Online Store.

  • When you invite Facebook friends: Earn 1 Buzz Bonus for 1 day for each invitation send from your content feed. Earn 10 Buzz Bonuses for 4 days (up to +50 Buzz Bonus per day) when a friend successfully joins bitLanders through the invitation.

  • When you login: Earn 1 Buzz Bonus every day for each daily login on bitLanders (up to +7 Buzz Bonus on day 7 and every day after that).

  • When you discover content: Earn 1 Buzz Bonus for 1 day when you unlock a hidden treasure by reading, watching and buzzing quality content.


Start playing on bitLanders and collecting Buzz Bonuses! Stay tuned for more ways to earn!

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