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Today, I had read a sudden bad news at Blogjob.

The Rewards Program had been halted due to certain reasons stated by the admin.

Although it is a temporary action in giving out points for every member, I will stay on at Blogjob.

However, I needed another writing site where I can earn money too.

Hence, a fellow blogger recommmended LiteracyBase.

This site uses wordpress platform which is similar to Blogjob.

I had registered this site today and found out how you could earn some decent cents:

  • 0.001 = each comment
  • 0.001 = update profile
  • 0.010 = refer each visitor
  • 0.005 = new forum reply
  • 0.002 = approve comment link
  • 0.0100 = new forum topic
  • 0.0050 = approve comment ( varies )
  • 0.020 = new blogpost

At the moment, I had earned USD $ 0.1650 just for 1 day.

It may be little but I am sure I can improve after I have publish more posts.

You can try out  HERE:



Thanks for reading.

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