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Computer troubleshooting-allow you to repair your personal computer at home. However, fixing  your computer needs, your self confidence and understanding for you able to this step by step. Any computers there are only two things you need to know hardware and software. However, for preparing yourself to do this you must have a complete tool before you make to go to the right decision.

Start the Easy Way to Make It

By repairing computers start with the troubleshooting. The owner of the computer the first and most important things that you have are anti static wrist strap. This for anti static to make computer safe. This is the use of disassembling computer from parts to parts. Make sure that you have a complete screw driver for this. Computer desktop its contents mainboard, processor, memory, hard disk drive and casing with the power supply as well. And every part of this it has screws. 


Computer Problem and solution

Computer problems, it's contents a lot of different kinds of problems. We start the basic way to find it easily,Computer won’t turn on, This can be a computer user's worst nightmare. You hit the power button and nothing happens. Any number of things can cause this computer problem, it may be something as dead power supply, dead motherboard or loose cord.Another common problem is when the computer turns on but no display on the monitor, but the machine doesn't boot, or shows a blank screen. This could be anything from a memory need to clean sometimes, or graphics card.Computer desktop/ laptop shutting down-Common problem, Dying fans, poor ventilation, thermal paste can cause shutting down also. The user’s computer must have understood also that the computer is like human beings  need to rest sometimes.

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