Eating problems

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Giving our child the best of everything is one thing every parents always wanted to do.
If both parents can afford giving every child's need, why not give it right?
Food, clothing, shelter, and the chance to go to school are somewhat the things each child should have.
But what if, both parents can afford, yet the child rejects?

That's one of our problem now with regards to our son.
He has been gaining weight for the past few months as I can see some muscles on his arm as well as his cheeks are protruding too, but not now.

He's again going back from his usual eating problem of being a picky eater.
He is loosing some weight again, with skinny arms and cheeks and longer neck. lol

He has complete vitamins, we can now readily give the food he wanted to eat, yet the problem is, he's just playing with it and there are times, he'll ask for it but won't take a look after it was served.
Now I'm again confused on what to do as he had tried almost all multivitamins to boost his appetite since he's 1 year old.
What to do?



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