How Do Introverts Have Good Time?

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Have you ever wondered how introverts manage to have good time even if they are introverts? Well, this blog will tell you how.

Extroverts might think that introverts don't know how to have good time, but that's not the case. Introverts do know how to SPEND good time. It's just that this information might be hidden and not often disclosed in public because introverts tend to have the stigma that they're shy or silent, so the public won't bother knowing them at all. What's worse is that they assume misconceptions about introverts. I'm here to clear out those misconceptions.

Here are the ways how introverts spend good time:

1. Spending a lot of time on the internet..


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... Especially when they don't have anything to do or when they have no class or work. What's more refreshing is to spend all of their time watching their favorite movies or videos, laughing or smiling over a Facebook post, reading an article over the internet, chatting with friends, taking their own selfies, playing their favorite PC or games, looking for updates of their favorite celebrities, or just any internet-related activities under the sun.

Spending time on the internet makes them reflect on themselves. Also, once they found a good quote on the internet they will remember it and analyze how they can apply it in real life.

2. Spending time on their habits and interests...


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... Especially if they are rich. If they have enough money, they can use it to invest in something that interests them like going to a music school if they like singing, dancing, rapping or any form of musical art. This doesn't only refer to having an interest in art but generally in anything that interests them because they want to excel in their interest.

This is not only limited to financially capable introverts. Other introverts, even if they don't have enough money, will still spend time on their interests because it can mean two things. One is that they just really can't afford to invest on it so they are just contented on what they can do and second is that they are doing it because they just simply love doing it. It's their passion and they believe that they can express themselves with that thing.

3. Eating


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Of course, I think anyone wants to spend their time on eating because 'Food is Life'. Introverts are already happy with the little things and food is included in those. It doesn't have to be expensive but as long as their favorite food is delicious, they are fine with it. One bite and they already got the chuckles they need.

Plus, it's actually better to eat while watching their favorite movies.

4. Playing their favorite PC or phone games.


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I know I mentioned this in #1 but this method focuses more on offline games. Introverts who play games look for them from the internet or to make it easier, they search on Google Play Store. Cute games such as Helix Run or Temple Run are fine for them so most likely they will download them. Introverts are happy to play games in their cute phones. Even aged introverts can play cute games as long as they are cool.

5. Sleeping.


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Of course, introverts like to sleep to rejuvenate themselves. When they've got nothing to do anymore particularly at their bedroom, they sleep. Sleeping is good because it gives them the energy to do whatever they want to on the day after.

6. Going on a cool, green, and refreshing environment.


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I'm not saying that only introverts do this but since they introspect more, they'll go to an environment that is cool, green, and refreshing. If they get stressed or if ever are off from work, they'll just wake up early in the morning to watch the dew and the sky, and how green the leaves are outside the window. They will also appreciate how beautiful the sun rises early in the morning.

Just like me. I just woke up during this day and I noticed how beautiful the surrounding outside my window was, added to that was the sweet humming of the birds and beautiful ray of sunlight. I thought that little scenes like this shouldn't be taken for granted as it relieves heartache. I thought that this was good for my health so I took a video of it. Please enjoy the scenery as I tour you around the environment outside my window:


At night, they can stay awake in bed a little while longer to see how beautiful the stars in sky are, how cold the weather is, and how peaceful the night itself is. Every little thing in nature is worth appreciating and they will feel relieved by it.

7. Talking to their close friends.


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Sometimes, they also feel tired of being alone so they decide to text their friends to go out with them for them to verbally express how they feel about a lot of things, but usually the friends they ask are those they can trust and they know will not harm them, regardless if their friends are introverts or extroverts. This only happens once in a blue moon because they don't often like going out and they don't want to bother other people.

8. Travelling to other places.


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Most extroverts wonder why introverts travel alone. Extroverts may think that it's weird to travel alone. It depends on the reason for travelling. Introverts again prefer to introspect more so this could be the reason why they want to travel alone. The second reason is because it gives them the freedom from the hassle in life. They want to remove stress and this is actually good for them to recharge aside from sleeping. This will also help them to achieve peace of mind being refocused on what they want to do in life.

9. Learning new things.


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Sometimes, when an introvert has already perfected the thing that he wants to perfect, he will tend to look for a new thing that he wants to learn. He is craving for a new adventure and that he wants to have a new thrill in life, which is why some introverts know how to do some special skills which many are not capable of doing. This is why you should never underestimate the power of an introvert because you'll never know what's coming.

Introverts are not boring!

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These are the nine ways as to how introverts have good time.

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