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We should not mock - we ought to respect the traditions, yes and we do! But, it is right of EVERY woman to get educated and know what is right and what is wrong for her. Education does not always mean that you must do the jobs - you can stay at home, be a good mother, educate the new generation and help them in becoming a good person and citizen as well as contribute something positive in the society.




Let us now understand the Pakistani society! A woman is kind of a commodity for man - they can use her per their condition; she has no right to speak against anything nor she is thought to be responsible enough to get a suggestion from when it comes a family matter. She is absolutely dependent on men - first on her father or brother and then on her husband when she gets married. Ok, it is a good thing if you want your wives to be a stay-at-home mother, but how can one deny her the right for getting educated? The common conception (or I must say a misconception) is that when she will go out, she will mingle with the boys and bring a stigma to the family. I can assure that there are only a few you can count on fingers. So, this misconception must be eliminated from the society.

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A woman can contribute to the family and the society by getting education. She can join the noble professions like being a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, etc. What else? She can EARN online, too. She can run her own business while staying home, taking care of kids and the family at the same time. Don't underestimate the patience of a woman - she can bear more than a man can and she can tackle the things in a better way since she has always been a multi-tasker.

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Girls in our society can learn different skills and at the same time, they can learn English so that it helps them to do online work in a better way. This is internet era - an era you can start your own business from home. You can make different things at home and sell them on the internet - keeping even upto 70% of the profit and it would only take 5-6 hours work in 24 hours time, ample time to take care of other things in the house. Once established, a girl can actually hire others who can do jobs for her. This is not difficult but you can find thousands of examples today all over the world.

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So, let the girls get education, please! Let them contribute something positive and let them help you - this will not affect your manlihood, but it will take some of the financial and other pressures off your shoulder. At the same time, I also want to convey this message to those girls who are getting education: Do not let your parents down - they trust you so they let you go. If you will break the trust of your parents, imagine, some other girls will lose the way to educational institutions as well since their parents will have an excuse not to send them for being educated.

Hey girls, are you educated? You know how to write? You have knowledge on specific topics and want to make a difference as far the family is concerned in financial matters? Then wait no more - Bitlanders is for you - register and start to make a difference!






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