Education (why girls are more educated?)

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Today,education are more imported for man and women....No age factor , you can acquire the knowledge....Education are part of life...Islamic education more important with other  education....Boys are not take proper attention to studies so girls take interest  in studies and excel

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Boys go to college and school just for fun....He has not proper attention to studies and fail in exams...some parents has compel to take medical and engineering they are not take proper attention in these subject and result fail in exams....parents has give free hand to studies in own method .....

Girls are irritable and not waste the parents money so take proper attention to studies....Today,boys are least educated and girls more...Boys   are take proper attention to studies because these are joint stock of country....IN every field, girls are work alongside   with boys....Education are not waste ,it need in certain walk of life,....It give a proper manners and man has well aware of these things....  

Boys are more genius to girls ...He has extra mind so he read one time compare to girls... boys are not take proper attention and his mind run to unnecessary activity like fashion and roaming one to another places.....

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