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Another fallen dock day, in remittance, green stuff lingers, savage comment takes the boot. I'm alive and it's good to be alive because we have this existence. Threat of boys, shame on you, cos I'll get jealous and hold tight to my kingdom in the sea off the shores of the north of France - sort of inbetween - at least I feel like I exist. There've been moments where this has eluded me. These are the moments that stand out. While on cusp of antagonizin/ticklin a place of evil - at least here we can be safe - and we freeze.

Terror - now I feel really sad - got so close in the intervening hours: hope, no expectations, expectations are bad = we'll never make it = revisit coronation every day. So close to er in that booth, caramel coffee and books - mercurial temperament - lots of stress, lots of bills, lots of damage to er heart. The childishness is appealing. This bad thing happens and it sticks to me, causin me to dance and grab and smack and there's this abuse of power in the relationship.

Turn attention to contributors - friend, lover - complete package and there's strategy discussed and I see the dealer's eyes go wide and even though he's dog-tired, he's alive and the intellectuals thrive and those depleted stoic freaks stay repressed and the truth stays in its cubbyhole where representation gathers dust and black dirt and grows a beak if only to counteract that flog pig and this is how food factors in.

I'll take this advice from LinkedIn. Gotta do more there, too. Gotta be unrestricted, gotta be unsure, gotta be polite, gotta be mean, gotta be grungy, gotta make it stand and stick on its own for a few minutes (for a few hundred words) cos panic takes my stomach in creative rush, how I miss walkin the campus, how I miss the rigidity of their foul rules = see them go off to curb behavior; difficult to mention without riveting '90s cartoon, simple education, it's okay = we'll be spiritual, not political, we gotta hurl over some mess to get transcendental meditation taught in schools cos it's so rooted in this religion that everybody loves but the neighbors don't understand what's inside. 

They don't see the guy who guards the door. The concept of the door has them hidin their face (singular for a singular bond). Maybe we root it for the 5-6% and that's freakin awesome cos there's an audience there that wants to be revived. I could hear them from the booth.

We share nachos. They dispose of fraudulent...

This doesn't manifest for some time. We can be stoic.

Bestowed by purple book, gold reflection of her skin. Entertainment industry schlubs, floaters; unholy monkey balls, I hope your friend comes through as a friend this time, someone that can be touched with heart and...


cos we have this moment and we're talkin negotiations, but it's dependent on café 2003 where Nico and I went LIPS or at least created the illusion...


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