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The piracy isn’t a strange word anymore for everyone. We have often found it in newspapers, magazines, televisions, and even in Internet. If we talk about judge of the piracy, it (the piracy red) is infringement of course. Because of The piracy many sides get bankrupt. As we know that a lot of sides claim whoever does it from information media. There are many appeals in information media in order citizen doesn’t support the piracy.

The most prejudiced sides are who take part of it in entertainment field. They are actors, singers, producers, film managers and other sides who have connection with entertainment field. We often see some artists demonstrate to demand that the piracy must be stopped. They suggest citizen not to buy pirated CD. We understand what they have done because the piracy inflects a loss upon them so much.

We often see sellers of the pirated CD everywhere and we cannot deny that a lot of people come to that place to buy the pirated CD. Some people would rather choose the pirated CD than choose the original one because the price of the pirated CD is cheaper than the original one. If we compare their price, the difference of it is so far. To solve this problem is mot easy. The piracy is a complicated problem as we must face mass relies especially small society if we want to overcome this problem. But we have to know that the piracy is one of the crimes. Based on the reality what should we do, removing or supporting it?




~ Piracy                       :pembajakan                                        ~ Suggest                    : menyarankan

~ Infringement            : pelanggaran                                       ~ Pirated CD               : CD bajakan

~ Bankrupt                  : kerugian                                            ~ Deny                                    : mengingkari

~ Claim/ Demand        : menuntut                                           ~ Mass relies               : orang2 banyak

~ Judge                       : hokum                                               ~ Small society            : masy. kecil

~ Appeals                    : tuntutan/ seruan/ permohonan           ~ Over come               : menyelesaikan

~ Citizen                     : masyarakat                                        ~ Crime                       : kriminalitas

~ Prejudiced                : dirugikan                                           ~ Complicated                        : rumit

~ Inflect a loss upon   : membankrutkan.


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