Energy Crisis in Pakistan

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Pakistan has a geographical importance in world. There are only two big dams in Pakistan Tarbella and Mangla, both of them play a major role in the production of electricity. It was General Ayub Khan who made these two dams and after that till now no other leader bothered to work on this issue. Since 1960 every leader who came into power worked on other issues but nobody worked on energy sector and as a result of that the energy issue that was started in 90s became in a worst form that we are  not been able to control it. 

After Tarbella and Mangla an important dam which was started by Ex-President of Pakistan Mr. Pervez Musharaf didn’t get complete in the specific time period due to many political and ethical issues. Many political parties are very keen to talk about Kala Bagh dam but nobody thinks about the common people living a miserable life due to this issue. There have been many campaigns in Pakistan which were against and in favor of Kala Bagh dam but all of them came to an end with no result or ultimate conclusion. Pakistan is passing from a very hard time as its facing its worst kind of energy crisis, the current government is not been able to control this crisis even having the most experience team working in federal government as well provincial government. Whenever there comes in any chance of solving the energy crisis then the politicians start their personal issues and bring them to front, when people start talking about that then they become relax as their agenda is to just play politics on issues. Pakistan government must take some steps to start the work on Kala Bagh dam so that this energy crisis can be solved. May God Bless Pakistan.

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