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Entry Test:
When you want to join any institute then you have to pass through some requirements and formalities.These requirements and formalities are implement every institute to their new camers.Similarly Educational institute also have their own requirements named as Entry Test.When you go to take admission in any university or college they take a Test from you,in this test they check your intelligence level.It can be written or oral test. It's depend upon the institute. Mostly take written test. They can take this test on computer or on papers depend upon the institute.

What is inside the Entry Test?
Entry Test totally based on your study which you read before join to the university or college.They touch all your previous subjects and questioned you. Some questions are more tricky but some are normal, because all the students have no equal mentality level.Questions are may be some multiple choice or short questions type.

Test Checking Method:
It's a main thing, when you start your test they announce about the some checking rules of test.When you go for right answer they will give you one point but when you tick or write wrong answer then you will punished with one negative marks. But this rule is not following by all the institute.

Selection Criteria:
When you are awarded with your marks, they make merit. On the base of this merit they select some student who are fulfill this merit and others are rejected.

After this they called selected students for Interview. Some institute take this interview strictly but some take this as formalities and nothing else.Mostly it is depend upon the institute.
Finally after all the procedure and formalities they select some students and send letter of joining.This is How they take the Entry Test for their student.
Now question is arise

Whey They take Entry Test for their Institute?
Every Institutes want to make the good reputation of their Institute. So they want to select some Genius and Intelligent student. So that they gave good result to the institute and institute compete with the others. In this way name of their institute reach on the peak of fame and they will get more profit as well.
Management is the most important thing, without good management you can't conduct such a activities in you institute. First thing which left the good impression to the new students and their guardian is the management of the institute. When they see good management they attract with you institute. Off-course when you have good management then you have good results for you institute and you can easily mange like such a activities Entry Test etc for their institute.

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