Environmental Impact and its merits and demerits!

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Today the topic I have chosen to write a blog is from my surroundings, because these are the very genuine and exclusive issues of life. Living in this World we experienced several new things daily, either they are in form of machine, industries, technology, medical sciences or nature etc. But for a moment let’s start thinking about the natural beauty and atmosphere which gives our life a source of joy and one more reason to live another day, because directly or indirectly our life depends upon atmosphere and natural resources.  Without ignoring the fact that mostly our growth relies on our natural environment and atmosphere of surrounding. As everything needs to be maintaining perfectly to gain benefits of it, we actually become careless as far as the natural creativity is concerned. As we are living in this world we actually do not know about those beneficial friends who are helping us day and night and always trying to make our life easy and healthy. Environmental impact is one of those on which our life mostly depends upon.

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What is an Environmental Impact?

All living, non-living things and natural forces which are found on earth and play their part for development and growth as well as of danger and damage is known as the impact of Environment.

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Is Environmental Impact helpful or harmful?

Environment differs in different parts of World and never stays same, however it is actually depends on the activities of nearby people. For example a greener and cleaner environment will always be helpful because it provides healthy breath to humans and save from global warming and various natural disasters whereas a polluted environment with full of garbage will be dangerous and harmful as it becomes the source of invitation to newly diseases and horrible disasters.

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What is a Helpful Environment?

A helpful environment is like a good friend who is contributing in our life every time and busy in making our life easier because natural environment are a major influence on where human beings live, socialize, harvest resources and travel. By managing the Environment well we can greatly improve our quality of life.

As the life and culture of Human being mostly depends upon healthy environment which includes the air we breathe, water, food and our surroundings. The Environmental impact on our health is complicated but yet there is sufficient knowledge to keep Environment healthy and reduce the hazards of it.

A healthy environment is one in which the climate change occurs according to its respected time neither it changes instantly as it damages the lifestyle of the nearby people. Following are the most important benefits we gain from the healthy environment:

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Cultural benefits and well-being quality of life:

We get massive benefits to our health, well-being quality of life from the healthy environment which includes recreation, inspiration, learning, spirituality and serenity. For example the fine color and texture of the rocks can tell us so much about the origin, facts and geology of the Earth. Watching wild birds, mountaineering, hiking in a beautiful landscape or visiting a special historic building and discover the creatures of World are all Cultural benefits of the environment. The gorgeous and attractive sites with heartwarming scenes of Lakes, waterfalls, ponds, sceneries, rivers gives us thoughts and a source of pleasure to be remember for many years e.g. Niagara falls, Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Ancient civilization etc.

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Niagara Falls, Ontario.

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Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Pakistan.


Food, Drink and Fuel:

Most of our food depends directly or indirectly from the environment. Fuel for our vehicles comes from fractional distillation which relies heavily on environment. The adequate rain system due to healthy environment makes massive development in land and irrigation system and end drought from without rain areas. The increase in plants, trees and greenery are directly cleaning the air which gives us a healthy breathe, also it prevents natural disasters like flood, tsunami and others. Also we get timber for building from trees which help us to create things for our need for e.g. furniture, desk, table etc.

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What should we do to maintain Environmental impact?

As Environmental impacts can also produced harmful effects of human activity on biophysical environment that’s why environmental protection is necessary for protecting the natural environment on individual level, organization level, governmental level and industrial level.

Our Environment is constantly changing and there is no denying that. However, as our environment changes, we need to be aware of the current alarming situation that surround it. It is a fact that as the human population has grown, the need for more land has caused an increase in the cutting down of forest lands for habitation and farming which has been resulted in an increase in soil erosion. Human activities have impacted the environment more than any other species, which includes deforestation, natural resource depletion, and pollution of air, water and land. After since the industrial revolution in 1800’s there is a massive change in environment due to the drastically increased in population, agriculture practices and industrial manufacturing.

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The above picture showing how Industries are harmful for environment.

With a massive influx of natural disasters, warming and cooling periods, different types of weather patterns and much more our planet is poised at the brink of severe environmental crisis. According to the World vision report, millions of people affected worldwide by natural disasters in 2015. Asia again declared to be the worst victim of these disasters reported globally. Massive earthquake in Nepal, Floods in Chennai and Pakistan, Heat waves hits in South Asia are recent examples of it. The Environmental problems are at alarming stage and if we won’t overcome these problems, our future will be at higher risk. So we need to overcome these problems at an emergency notice. Current environmental problems require urgent attention. In addition, we need regular seminar regarding “Environmental Issues” and public awareness to know its merits and demerits.

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Living in any part of the World, we have some responsibilities and duties of our society. If everyone can fulfill their duty and responsibility we can easily overcome the Environmental problems which are at alarming in current situation. We can solve the Environmental problems and make it cleaner and greener by adopting these following steps:

  • Pollution:

Many of the problems of Environment are due to Pollution which is of Air, Noise and land, though it’s important to solve these issues by switching our vehicles to lower-emission. By installing solar or wind power on your property to get electricity from it. Throw Garbage and other litters in their respected Dustbin or remove bins not in Public parks, road or any other place because it will harm us after being gathered and makes the Environment polluted.

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Garbage is gathered in large amount near sea as shown in the above picture.

  • Water Scarcity:

Just as energy efficiency is considered as an important solution to the issues of climate change and pollution, water efficiency can help us deal with water scarcity. Some ideas to make water more efficient includes using low-flow faucets, plugging up leaks, irrigating the lawn in the morning or evening, taking short showers and make sure that the sink water not running when brushing your teeth.

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Land containing drought.

  • Deforestation:

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Let's join hands to plant a tree and save our land.

Forests are very important to maintain climate change because they serve as “Carbon sinks”, meaning that they absorb CO2 which otherwise escape into atmosphere and worsen global warming. A country must have 5% forest on its global area but unfortunately in Pakistan the forest rate is regretting day by day, this is not because naturally but due to the timber mafia’s who are exploiting the future of our country by cutting down trees for their own benefit. Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan unluckily doesn’t have any natural forest. But we need to step up and start planting trees because it takes no money to plant a tree and remember when you plant trees, you are directly cleaning the air. It also releases enough oxygen to supply your need for two years and as a tree matures, it can consume 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. So we need to plant trees as much as possible as it is the desperate need of time. According to Pedro Calderon de la Barca:

"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises”.


In the end I hope you have liked this, I urge you all too please take steps to improve our environment and try to plant trees as much as possible. In Pakistan, nearly every year flood hits in the northern area and thousands of people become victim of this, so we should make our city greener because greener the environment, healthier will be our life.

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