Essential Oils and Its Purpose

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For thousands of years, essential oils are being used to heal and treat our bodies. It is widely used throughout the world and various herbs, spices, flowers, leaves and others can be used as essential oils.

What exactly are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are “liquid” with aromatic scent that are taken from roots, trees, herbs, flowers, seeds and a lot more. The reason why it is called “essential” is because the essence of a plant is extracted or made from various parts of it. It carries the aroma which is perfect for relaxation and relieving stress.

Essential oils are added in perfumes, lotions, candles soaps and other products. These oils are also used by many people as a “flavoring” agent in cooking.

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is widely practiced by people especially in wellness centers known as “spas”. This method of aromatherapy uses essential oils and diffusing the scent to let the people inhale it. Depending on what essential oil is used, it can have different effects or benefits to our body. Here are some oils and what are they used for:

Tea-Tree – Antimicrobial properties aids infection and clears the skin. Boost your immune system against influenza, colds and even gingivitis. Massaging with Tea-Tree oil aids muscle pains like rheumatism, piriformis syndrome and arthritis

Chamomile – Popular because of its calming and soothing properties, chamomile is often used as a relaxant for people who are having troubles in sleeping. It is also used to ease tension especially to people who have anxiety and depression troubles.

Lavender – A flexible essential oil that can be used as a relaxant because of its soothing scent and can also be used as treatment because of its healing and antimicrobial properties.

Eucalyptus Oil – The menthol scent aids headaches, muscle and join pains. It is often blended in various pain killer products because of its heat stimulating properties.

There are many more kinds of oils that can be made to an essential oil. Be reminded that not all people have friendly reaction towards this. It is recommended that before using this wonder product from nature, make sure that you have no or the person have no allergic reactions towards it. Using these oils does not give “instant-recovery”. While some people experience instant relief, consistent use of essential oils is recommended will give you positive results. 

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