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This week passed with lots of our competitions with different teams which are in our group.

On Saturday we had an exercise session in a gymnasium which is located in university of Kabul.

On that session all of my teammates came into for exercise.

Our exercise started at one o’clock up to three o’clock PM, on that exercise session at first we ran for ten minutes in fifty percent speed, afterwards we did rhythmic motions for ten minutes and then we started practicing with ball and at first we began by passing with the ball by our right and left legs in twenty meters distance.

Then we speed it up and after ten minutes we began the shooting in the goal by our right and left legs for twenty minutes, in shooting each player would shoot twenty balls into goal which ten of it’s belonged to his right leg and ten of it’s belonged to his left leg and all these twenty balls would be on target.

After those practices our trainer worked some technical motions with the ball.

Then we played football in three teams for about one hour.

That day was really interesting day to all of us especially to me because, by these practices we can improve our skills and in future we can to be a good player to our team.

On Monday our next exercise day started and all we went to Kabul University through exercising in its gymnasium, when we went in and acceded to gymnasium a man came who was the responsible of gymnasium and said today you can’t to have exercise into gymnasium because Eng. Ibrahim sent some workers and painters for painting inside of this gymnasium and the now the work is in progress for this reason for four days you can’t have exercise session inside.

When we all heard this we really touched and caught to perplexity for a moment, I asked from him: can we exercise in stadium of here? His answer was positive, by hearing that answer all we became happy and we went to stadium which had grass ground.

We started our practice from one PM up to three PM.

During these two hours we ran for twenty minutes from thirty percent speed up to seventy percent then we did simultaneous or rhythmic motions for ten minutes afterwards we did speedy motions which improve our substantial speed, then we worked with ball which included three important elements which were passing, shooting and controlling, after that we played football in two teams without goals around the ground in two touches, and at the end we did perseverance motions.

I and all my teammates became very bore but we would underwent because these massive workouts is for readiness of competitions which we are stay and for those competitions which will began less than  one week.

At end Mr.Obaid Ghafoory brought lots of energetic snacks for players and encouraged us.

That was all events which occurred on Monday during in our workout.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had rest, because on Thursday we had a match in Kabul futsal league “A” against another teammate in the name of (Etefaq).

On that day our match started at six o’clock PM, that match was really interesting and lovable match; because in our group the Etefaq team after our team (Esteqlal) was one of other strong teams.

That night there came lots of zealous of Esteqlal and Etefaq team and they knockabout in gymnasium, on one side of gymnasium the zealous of Esteqlal team sat on the chairs and on another side the zealous of Etefaq team sat on the chairs.

That match started with an especial grace and it was in progress up to end.

 Amiruddin Sharifi, Ziniddin Sharifi, Mohammad Ahmadi, Hassan and our goalkeeper Parwiz seddiqi were in our first formation in the ground and Emal Mohammadi, I (Sayed Faisal Roozi), Mustafa mohammadi and Jawad were on the couch.

The match started, at first our team accessed to its first goal by Ziniddin Sharifi.

After two half times the result became 6-6 equal and Esteqlal team faced with an equal during its competition in Kabul futsal league “A”.

That match had twelve goals, for this case it was really interesting for it’s zealous.

At end we all encouraged our teammates and gave them lots of morals for tomorrow match.

On Friday our next match in “A” group held inside of futsal gymnasium of Olympic against a team in the name of Jawanane Peroozi.

That match was really joyful to all zealous of Esteqlal team, because on that match Esteqlal team could win the game in result of 7-3 pro Esteqlal team.

On that match Ziniddin Sharifi goaled three goals, Amiruddin Sharifi goaled two goals, Emal mohammadi goaled one goal and I (Sayed Faisal “Roozi”) goaled one goal which was the last goal of our seven goals.

That was really interesting match and on that match Jawad, Mustafa Mohammadi got chance to play in the ground.

By this win we got thirteen grant and stated on first line.

Those were all events which occurred on Thursday.                                                           2013,4,6

Thanks for your attention.

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I am Faisal Roozi, Esteqlal Kabul FC player

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