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A developer platform that makes it easy to build decentralized applications. Applications build with Ethereum do not cover all use cases of course, but have specific properties that make them unique.
Ethereum applications always execute the code they say they will – there is no ‘security through obscurity’. I don’t need to ‘trust’ anything or anyone, because I can check the app code myself.
Ethereum applications are always available, and are guaranteed to be available in the future. There is no downtime.
Ethereum applications are resistant to many attacks including denial of service (DDoS), which are rendered moot.

Historically, building decentralized applications required a complex background in cryptography, mathematics, etc. Ethereum simplifies all this by making it accessible to web developers.

There are many use cases of course, but my favourite is that we can now create apps that are accessible to everyone, without restriction, providing services which are currently owned by the Googles and Facebooks of this world. Identity, reputation, payment processing, online communications, etc: all these services can now fall back into the public domain.

What is Ethereum ?

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