Everybody Can Sell

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The term everybody sells on the book simply states that as we were born in this world we were given these communication skills that are improved as we grow up. An improved communication skill may subconsciously be a sales process already. We may sometimes not see it but usually we practice the sales process in many ways. Like in prospecting, we tend to choose already the friends the we want or the people that we would want to talk to since we get comfortable with thus this is already a key process in prospecting. You are already setting priorities which would be you niche.

Everybody can sell is absolutely right. We are born to communicate and we are born to create interest in our own ways. But on the exhibit given on the book, you can see the difference between a professional and an ordinary person who sells. The key is that an ordinary guys practice his communication skills which tends to improved when exposed thus creating his own culture and perspective in selling compared to an ordinary person. Let’s say that there are really person who can sell well than the other because of the personally he/she bears. Let us also understand the 4 categories of personality (Temperaments) like Phlegmatic or Melancholic. Each personality has its own edge of selling and it’s your own choice whether to develop it or not. In my career as a financial advisor we were also categorized on our personality and I am under amiable which has its own counterpart on the temperaments too. Everybody can sell but it is up to you whether to pursue your career in sales.

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