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I am a coffeelover! )

At the moment I stay in a country, where coffee, a hot aromatic drink, literally on every corner - here in Montenegro in cafes people with cups of coffee constantly sit and drink it at any time of the day. And all over the world, many humans do not imagine life without a hot cup of quality coffee. The strength and attractiveness of this drink is great, and it's definitely impossible to resist the fragrance! Many coffeelovers brew their own drink at home, and I belong to them. Today I will tell you about a unique coffee, which suddenly grows, and then roasts in Thailand. Not many coffee lovers in principle know that there is Thai coffee, and even finest quality.


all photos were made by me

With coffee I have a long and very strong relationships. Parents always brew coffee in the morning - as long as I can remember, the smell of freshly brewed tart, invigorating drink was in the house. In childhood, the taste of coffee certainly was not so nice - it seemed to me too bitter. But gradually I got used to it, then I fell in love with it, and for many years now I have been cooking Turkish coffee almost every morning, in a copper turk for two small cups.


Now this has even become a problem: we travel a lot and to find good coffee in every country where we stop is not so easy! A copper turk and a spoon for brewing coffee, I take with me everywhere - that's important for me. This turk is very good and coffee in it is always delicious! I found it by myself, chose it and bought somewhere in Moscow in the first year as it moved there, it was about 15 years ago. Still I in Moscow have grown fond of a cappuccino ... But it so, bytheway)


When we arrived to live in Thailand, the problem with coffee was particularly acute - do not sell there in the shops a normal tasty beans. And I prefer to buy coffee beans that are not ground, because it keeps its fragrance longer, and when you melt this beans in the morning, such a wonderful aroma spreads across the house that after a half a day more cheerfulness and energy just float in the air. But pretty quickly we found there a wonderful place where you could get finest beans of coffee!


We lived at that time in Hua Hin; It is such a small town 3 hours drive from Bangkok to the south along the coast. And one day we went to the cafe Anjana Coffee.


Well, in general, here, I designated the place - if you are in Thailand and you need an excellent coffee, then it's there! )) This coffee house, in addition to selling the large list of excellent drinks, serves delicious inexpensive dinners in Thai and European style, and is also a roastery! The whole enterprise is ruled by,(and this is defenitely the enterprise - the whole building belongs to them, on the ground floor there is a coffee house, office, coffee machine store, coffee and related products, a kitchen and a fry shop, and on the second floor there are warehouses, a laboratory, a repair and service workshop coffee machines), - and so keeps it all very nice man from Germany, Herr Herbert and his wife, a nice beautiful business Thai lady.


Owners - people they are very sincere, in the cafe are often sitting large mixed companies of Thais, Europeans, people from all over the world. We have got acquainted with them and while we lived in Thailand, often communicated. I even managed to shoot there a photo of the process of preparation and roasting coffee beans.


I bought coffee all the time only there, Herbert himself makes a mixture of beans, controls the whole process and is a great connoisseur of his craft. They buy green coffee beans in a small village located in a high-altitude region in the north of Thailand.


They go there, observe the process of collecting and harvesting and then bring grain to Hua Hin. I did not manage to go north to the coffee plantations, but I'm still hoping to make this trip somehow. In the meantime, here are photos of Thai arabica, a fan of which I am now.


And by the way, natural coffee that could be more delicious than there, I have not been able to find anywhere else. And I am (apologize for being indiscreet) rather experienced in choosing and brewing coffe - always try to find the best beans in every place I stay.


Here I am attaching a link to their FaceBook page: www.facebook.com/anjanacoffeehuahin/ I did not want anyone to think I am advertising here. Simply, the problem of good coffee is really actual for me personally, and besides, I really love and respect people who have devoted themselves to their business and are honestly engaged in helping other people. Therefore, I would like coffee connoisseurs to know that in the Thai outback there is an outpost of really quality coffee that will inspire any coffeelover!

This is a small video where I'm showing how deep the rab... sorry, how do I brew my coffee at home. ))

Thak you! )


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