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I stepped off the bus, take a breath long to equalize the pressure in the lungs is at odds with the outside because conditioned bus and barely melt the heat of the streets of Hanoi begins at night. Inversely with cars on the road, I glanced find a characteristic blue.

I've heard of this a lot and always told myself someday going to try a drink. When friends are going to work at it, the more it wants to realize why. Partly supported you, mostly satisfy the desire to try out the cafe, satisfying love with cafe and shop amnesty.

I'm a Pisces, so just keep forever heatstroke. The attack heatstroke, we came suddenly without warning. I do not understand why. Frequency of their occurrence and more. Since I'm Pisces, so sometimes I just dreamed sticks sweet, shimmering in his imagination. Well heatstroke on shelves like myself go.

Unexpected encounters old acquaintances. A person could have sunk into oblivion. Silently watching him in a bar. I enjoyed just looking at the shape cantering briskly in a bar with cups and machinery, and I was wearing the imagination of ourselves. I have proficient look like that? I had such quick, attentive and seductive look ... like that? I feel sure only people in the bar, bartender or barista very seductive. She cashier cold half desirably with his hand, motioned for him that a man was staring at him, waiting for him turned out to greet smiling. Twice, he really turned, saw me. I waved the finger fun, excitement, laughter greeted his eyes headline, a sign to him that I was going to sit out the sidewalks are crowded JaMocha guest. He continued busy with long lines order in a bar.

Bailey called a Café - as suggested by buddy. Sitting alone watching everyone in the bar. Two people, seems to be acquainted sat at the bar next to me was something well known for her like a glass each. A group of girls throughout the hotgirl sitting right in front of me are alternately check in, pose the same style akin perhaps the same guy boyfriend of one of the other girls. The two 30 range shoulder hug, greet each other in the bar. After the class the other glass door is cool, conditioned space where many people are dreaming of this body before the heat of heaven and earth.


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