Factor Of Economic Development

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The development of a country is depends on different factors. These factors are most important for the progress of the country.
These are two types of the factor Direct factor and Indirect factor.
The types of direct are natural resources, human resources and investment and the types of indirect invesetment.
First of all we will discuss about the natural resources.

Natural resources comprise the natural environment on the surface of earth below its crust in the air and in the ocean.
So whatever is available on the earth comes under this category for example in the form of minral, forest and fishes.

Second thing is that Human factor.
Human factor plays an important role in the progress of the country.
Economic development always effect the human resource.
Capital formation is third important factor in the progress of the country.
According to the progress dilred..
Investment means to increase the real investment'' technology is also effects the progress of the country.

Technology means the use of modren technology in production.

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