Facts that dogs lovers must know

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Don't forget or ignore your dog for too long because they only live for 10 to 15 years. No matter how busy you are try to spend a little bit of quality time with your dog.

Always walk them outside to meet new friendly people and animals. It helps them to be more confident and trusting of others. This is a great source of exercise and it will keep your dog healthy.

Don't be mad at your dog when they tried to jump at you. Jumping is normal dog behavior and this is their way of saying hello or shaking hands. They get excited and wanting to hug you or happy to see you.

Don't hit or spank them when they done things that upset you or they done something wrong. Try to help them understand or teach them how to not repeat it again.

Treat your dog with kindness and talk to them sometimes. They might not understand you but they understand your body language.

Always praise or treats to reward your dog for doing something you want or when they done something right. Petting your dog on the head and saying "Good boy" will motivate your dog.

Always remember to keep them healthy. Remember to trimmed your dogs toenails, keeps your dog clean by bathing them regularly, brush their teeth and brush their coat.

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