Fake Girlfriend via Cellphone May Get Real Cheating Started

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Who requires that everyone has to have a girlfriend/ boyfriend? Hard to think of one. But if you have one, it is indeed something that you can get some compliments and admire when you speak it up. What if you do not have a girlfriend for A LONG TIME, people may discuss you behind, something like is he gay? is he just not ABLE to get girls? In this case, men have more pressure than women. Here is a temporary solution for this. Getting a fake girlfriend via tech and getting her to text you, call you, flirt with you anytime you want. fakegirlfriend.co/ Here is what you will get from it. ""I miss you, honey. xoxo. (:", "When are you going to come see me?!?! I miss you! :0)", "I'm lonely ;) ;) hehehe", "Why don't you leave the boys and come hang out with me?", "I wish I was with you!!! (0:", "I just need someone to talk to... Call me?", "Thanks so much for the pics ;) I'll send some soon (:", "I <3 you. xoxoxoxo. <3 <3 <3 <3", "Oh hai! (0:", "THANKS FOR THE FLOWERS!!!"" The idea is pretty brilliant if people who are single just use it for fun and temporarily getting away from loneliness. But it would not be a good idea if some in-marriage or in-relationship people to use it as an extra-flirting, it may be a start for actual cheating if it goes out of control. What do you think? Are you going to get one? Let me know what you think below. : ) May God Bless All  

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