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I have some brand new information : fall is my favorite season. Oh, yours too? I guess it’s just the two of us then.

I love wearing greys and dark colors on my fingernails and toenails in the fall and winter. That’s right, I said toenails. You cannot neglect your toes just because your sandals have been stashed away for the season.

I usually pick a darker shade for my toes, and try to pick something that kind of “goes” for my fingernails. But, pretty much the only person who sees my toenails in the fall and wintertime is my husband, and amazingly he doesn’t have an opinion on what they look like.

He does have an opinion about the bottoms of my feet that feel like sandpaper when they touch his leg in the night. Weird. 

Below are a few of my favorite colors for fingernails and toenails this fall and winter. Besides the obvious greys, I’ve been loving navy’s and even the right shade of deep, forest green!

fallnails1. OPI “I Sau Paulo Over There”, 2. Zoya “Ryan”, 3. Butter London “Dubs”, 4. Essie“Take it Outside”,

5. Essie “The Perfect Cover Up”, 6. Essie “Tuck It In My Tux”, 7. Habit “Deep Sea”

What nail colors are you loving this fall? I’m always looking to add to my collection!

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