Features of Date Base Mangement system

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The main features of database management system are described below.


  • 1.       Date Dictionary 

          Some date base management system provide data dictionary. It is a file that contains the data definitions  or description of the structure of data used in the database. It also monitors the data being entered into the database to make sure that data is entered according to the data definition rules.

  • 2.      Utilities programs

         Data base management system provides software programs known as the utilities programs. They are used to process (or manipulate) data into database and to maintain the database. Some of these programs are also used for backup and recovery of data.

  • 3.      Query Language

         Date base management system provides the query language to interact with the database to perform different operations on database. There are different query language.

  • 4.      Report Generator

        Data base management system provides the report generator . A report generator is a program that is used to generator reports. It retrieves data from one or more tables of database and presents it to the user in a formatted way. You can format the report according to your own requirements . For this purpose, report generator provides various option.

  • 5.     Access Security

       Data base management system provides the access security feature. By using this features, the database can be protected from unauthorized access. Only the authorized users can access the database. For this purpose, the database administrator assigns specific rights to different users.

  • 6.    Backup and Recovery

          This features is available in almost all data base management system software. By using this features, you can take the backup of your important data. In case of data failure or loss of data, the data can be recovered by using the backup copy of the data


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