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 Hi Everyone! Hi Buzzers! :)

My name is Ria Bautista from Philippines.A music afficionado,a food lover and an online earner.My friend told me about  this awesome site in which you can earn Bitcoins.I joined yesterday (August 18,2014) and my experience with the site was amazing! Bitlanders followed me..and it became my inspiration to write a short blog about me.I got a good starting buzzscore as per Bitlander :)

At first my only mission is to earn more bitcoins,well this is what we are all looking for here right? But as i keep navigating the site i feel like i am enjoying.The people around here,the buzzing thing haha!and the content they are sharing.It's been only a day and i found myself very attached with everything about here,yes you may say maybe because i'm just new and i have to do all the checklist in order to gain bitcoin and buzzscore.Well part of me says yes but  part of me says im just doing what i am doing  just like in facebook or in any social networks.You gain friends (subscriber) you gain buzz (like)  you write a comment,message someone and you share! Right? So better enjoy everything about here if you focus more on the things you enjoy you will get more than a buzzscore :) Just be active and be friendly to everyone,share everything good and of course always subscribe to BitLanders for more updates! :)

I am looking forward for the great development of this site.And this may serve a great  way to gain friends and to earn.

So much for that...thank you bitlanders for this opportunity!

Keep on buzzing! 








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