FIFA: Barcelona club is prevented from buying and selling players

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International football federation (FIFA) has prevented Barcelona club from buying and selling of under-18 players for 14 months due to careless of international rules.

According to this decision Barcelona doesn’t has the right to buy or sell a player till 2015 summer.

Based on FIFA’s rule no one can buy under-18 year players so for FIFA ordered Spain’s football federation to legalize the system and prevent from such kinds of illegal buying and selling the players.

This is the latest challenge which Barcelona have faced to outside their land. Earlier, Sandro Rossal Barcelona’s ex executive chief has been dismissed from his post.

The committee has the responsibility to defend its youngest players even if their transition to another country is in favor of them and has positive impact on them.

FIFA in its statement added that the committee will decide based on investigations that the good improvement of under-18 players is the way of a systematic sport in the world. Maya Bartomow the new executive director of Barcelona has announced that this club has not done any illegal activity,          

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