Fight against the Rape and Eve teasing

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               Eve teasing and rape is a social evil this has tortured millions of innocent girls and became the reason for the social demolishment of many innocent lives and became the reason why many of the girl attempt suicide.
                A girl owes her dignity and pride by the time she comes in this world and that dignity and pride goes with her by the time she leaves her body. That is the reason why we all consider that a woman is the pride of her family. But this society is now being double standard they want a girl to maintain the dignity of her family but if “someone eve tease her then it’s all her fault she is responsible, she might has given some wrong sign to that boy that’s why he has done that”. Guys please grow up it’s not a girls fault if anyone has treated her like shit. Sometimes I feel shameful about this society because we all live in a society where a porn star is accepted and has been respected as well and we treat a rape victim like some sort of criminal whose crime is that she is a girl. We never think of when someone rapes a girl that person not only robes her dignity but brutally kills her soul as well.
              Things are not only wrong with Indian society but they are also wrong with Middle East as well. Being a human we should fight for this social evil because a woman is the one who gave birth to all of us. She suffered lot of pain to give us life so in her favor lets fight against this social evil let’s give our first attempt for change; change of heart, change of mentality and change of soul. We need to take this step because we can’t tolerate this because it’s not only about rape but it’s about a total disrespect of a complete human raise.

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