Film Annex Filmmakers Help Create A Filmmaking Curriculum for Afghan Students

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Recently, Film Annex Creative Director, Eren Gulfidan worked on creating a social media curriculum for Afghan students. The multiple-choice and essay questions are currently posted on Examer, the technology platform Film Annex built in collaboration with Afghan Citadel Software Company. For the past week, Eren Gulfidan has been collaborating with several Film Annex filmmakers in launching a brand new curriculum consisting of more multiple choice and essay tests. The topics include filmmaking, editing, screenwriting, animation, and storytelling amongst others. The Afghan students will be asked basic cinematography and editing questions as well as specific ones such as how to use a Canon 5D or how to edit on Final Cut Pro.

The filmmakers who are participating in this initiative are Mark KuczewskiAmy HillLisa StockAnderson WestAlex NakoneAndy ParkerJonathan NG, and Ken Turner. We'd like take this opportunity to thank them once again for their enthusiasm and interest in working with us to create a filmmaking curriculum for Afghan students. Here's a little update on the tests we have created so far:

1 multiple-choice test about Final Cut Pro (20 questions)
1 multiple-choice test about Canon 5D (20 questions)
2 multiple-choice tests about basic cinematography (10 questions each, 20 questions total)
1 multiple-choice test about basic editing

In the upcoming week, we will work on questions about:

Animation (different methods by different filmmakers)
Storytelling, and more...

Stay tuned for updates!


The Film Annex Team

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