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Tenacious. Dependable. Works well under pressure. Knowledgeable about different cultures. Has management experience. Shows initiative. Is a team player.

I've done a lot of resume writing lately, and I know that most of us job seekers would do well to add or or two of the above phrases to our Skills sections. However, there is one group that can add every one of these phrases to their resumes without hesitation: America's returning veterans.

After 9/11, people were very careful to be clear about what they support: the troops, the war, both, neither, and so on. But do you ever wonder what happens to our soldiers after they trade in their uniforms for jeans and their guns for lawn mowers. Think about it: what does a soldier do when he's no longer a soldier?

That's where G.I.V.E. comes in.

G.I.V.E. (Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship) is an organization created by Film Annex to support veteran entrepreneurs and their post-service business goals. Each veteran receives a WebTV channel on FIlm Annex where they can display content and earn advertising revenue. Furthermore, Film Anne founder Francesco Rulli produces interviews with each of these veterans to show the Film Annex viewing public what each person hopes to achieve.

One such subject is Corporal Cody Wilson. He has spent time in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the People's Republic of Georgia, but when his extended deployment ends in April of 2013, his goal is to own his own tattoo parlor in Jacksonville, North Carolina. His time as a squad leader has given him people management skills that he plans to finesse by attending business or marketing school, and he hopes to open his first shop within the next six years. Though he is soft-spoken and even-toned, Cody's passion for tattoo art is palpable, and his knowledge of the industry would spark the attention of any venture capitalist. There is no doubt that, given the right support, he will reach his goals.

Marine Cody Wilson-What Lies Ahead

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G.I.V.E. looks to the future, focusing less on the veterans' military histories and more on the potential in their next steps. Watch these interviews and you will see that these veterans have the skills and passion to successful in their chosen enterprises. Whatever your feelings about the war, G.I.V.E.'s work should convince you that our veterans deserve, at the very least, the hope of a bright and successful future.

For more information about G.I.V.E. and to see more interviews, check out their WebTV channel at

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