Film Annex Micro Scholarship- “A small thing that makes a huge difference”

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 As one writer puts it, the small things have the look of nothing, but peace can be found in them; it is like the flowers of the fields. They have sweet smells but believed without perfume.

This is also true of our Micro Scholarship program available to all Saint Lucia youths. The Examer Company limited shares the same blogging platform as Film Annex our sponsor. We encourage you to read the link below and connect with us. Every 45 days you get paid for your writings. Indeed, it may sound unrealistic because you get paid for just writing and posting your blogs on subjects you are passionate about using our sponsor’s Film Annex platform, but it is true and there is nothing like it, so please take advantage of this avenue. Again, it sounds too good to be true that you get paid just to write about what you are passionate about but believe me that's exactly what it is.

Examer Company Limited is doing all it can to spread the word in order to spark interest in the youths of Saint Lucia. Therefore, we are making a special appeal to youths, particularly St. Lucians to take advantage of this. Youths all over the world are taking full advantage; please don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Remember, those who consistently write their thoughts only enhance their ability to become more expressive and creative writers.

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