Content Marketing - What Is It And Why It Is Important?

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Content Marketing - What Is It And Why It Is Important? - Photo credit: via

I am more than sure that you've heard about content marketing lately. But if I ask you, do you know what that really is, what will be your answer? The truth is that content marketing is perhaps the most important thing for every web page, and no matter what its core topic.

Content marketing is a must element if you want your business will be successful.  Although content marketing in Lithuania is not as well developed as in the western countries, more and more local businesses are beginning to realize its benefits.  The question is: Why is content marketing so important? Well, that's a lot of explanations, but first of all, let's take a look at what it's all about, this so often mentioned content marketing.

The true purpose of content marketing is to provide readers with an informative, productive, and creative material. The material that will be interesting to potential customers (or people who can influence your customers). It is not a direct sale; it is based on trust or future opportunities. This is a rapidly growing sales method that targets the target audience. It is successfully changing old, less effective marketing methods.

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What Is Content Marketing?

So what is that? You say - article? And you are practically right. Do you think this might be a video about something interesting? Yes, you are on the right way. The main content marketing's goal is to create and deliver useful content to the target audience.

Best of all is if you have the ability to create different content. This may be an informative article. For example, an article that addresses topical consumer issues, or an article that provides a wealth of valuable information.

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.


Content marketing can otherwise be understood as creating value for the reader, expressing it with high-quality, interesting, and relevant information, and articles. Content marketing is needed and applied everywhere: news, blogs, various video, and audio footage, articles.

This is one of the best methodologies your website or business should use and have a two-way effect: providing high-quality information to your users and readers will attract more users, which also means that your site will attract more people who search for it in search engine systems, thus raising SEO ratings.

It may also be very popular lately, infographic, or video, as well as podcasting, etc. It's important that content is really useful and fun. As content marketing is part of strategic marketing, the content that you distribute should be consistent, usually clearly planned in advance and integrated into the overall marketing strategy. Did you post a single article or did you create a good infographic? Great, but it's not content marketing yet!

Content marketing can help you build quality relationships with your users, which, as you know, is one of the most important goals of each business.


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 Content Marketing Basics

First of all, using content marketing, we aim to attract new customers, as well as make them interested in our content and maintain them. It's an art when businesses communicate directly with consumers, distribute them their story and bring real benefits.

While the goal of each business is to make a profit, it's important to never carry out any direct sales through content marketing tools.

This is not appropriate, because users are not foolish, they quickly understand what the content creator is striving for.  If you try to shuffle and add your commercial offer somewhere, you will just ruin everything. 

The useful information that is constantly being developed and disseminated is evaluated by the audience in a completely natural way. By the way, it encourages consumers' love, earns respect and loyalty. 

Content marketing is used not only by small but also by all the world's most famous brands. 


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 Appropriate Content Marketing Strategy:

  •  Opens up new opportunities;
  • Improves conversions;
  • Strengthens positions and ratings in search engines;
  • Promotes brand awareness;
  • Increases sales.
  • Enhances direct customer traffic;
  • Creating a brand's image as an expert in their field in the eyes of clients;
  • Promotes customer loyalty;
  • Gives authority over competitors;
  • Social Network Marketing.

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Distributing articles is relatively expensive, so you need to select your target audience well. If you know that a specialized article is read by casual people and are willing to spend money on what the article says, then content marketing becomes cheap. However, if you use it on news portals, it will not be effective, because it is mostly read by people who do not need specific services, and you do not need direct contact with them.

It's safe to say that the success and recognition of each web page now depend precisely on the quality of the content. Inappropriate and abstract information can be found at every step, but real, valuable texts, that make thinking and strongly attract attention, are not so much.


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In order to ensure the quality of your website content, you need to first conduct a targeted market analysis, starting with the targeted definition of your web page reader.  Answer the questions about who would be your reader? What can he expect? And then look for ways to attract them. All other things that make up the web page, such as visual tools or design, are not as important as the content itself and its quality. 

In other words, the content of your webpage must be such as to be able to identify the target audience, attract it, and then convince you to take action.

How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Content Marketing? 

Content marketing for businesses is a great way to effectively deliver services. However, we need to look at content marketing carefully and responsibly. Often content marketing is overlooked, and there are no understanding of the principles of this type of marketing and the impact on the target consumer segment.


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The most effective buying incentives are a direct advice of familiar person and online tip. The tip online is the essence of the content marketing mechanism. A specialist of his area makes a recommendation on the website's blog. Companies often write a narrow topic and thus reach out to potential buyers who have a specific need at that time.

The essence of content marketing is the proper headline targeted at potential customers. The user should see useful tips when opening the article.  And for the advice to be implemented, specific examples of production are presented. Then people want to try out the products mentioned. Such articles help to better memorize the brand and create greater trust in it. The content marketing process results from article writing, distribution of the article, and reference to people who are relevant to this information.


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Rapid Use Of Information, Short Storage

This is not new. A significant part of the content marketing audience is not inclined to waste much time and read long texts.  Everything happens here and now and is relevant only to the extent that it is relevant at this moment. Just know that you have not only to provide a short message but also to remember that the user does not tend to keep it for long.

Thus, it can be argued that the rapid pace of life, enormous flow of information does not motivate consumers to store information as it was before, because what's relevant today is not relevant tomorrow.  As a result, the social networking platform Snapchat is rapidly expanding among young people, and the business will be forced to accept its rules of play.

The world is changing. Enough to see a little advertising flash, and an idea is created in your mind. Users are overloaded with such types of ads, but most of them adapt to them and start filtering them. Content marketing is essential for businesses looking to attract customers who would constantly come back. Such content is successfully circumvented the natural instinct of filtering whose purpose is to reject advertising. People are redirected to what they cannot resist - to what they really care about.


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The Visual Content Marketing's Domination

This is not new. Research confirms that the information provided in the video format is absorbed more quickly and remains in the user's memory for longer. However, content marketing experts and analysts notice that not every video content attracts the target audience. Today, businesses can communicate with consumers 24 hours daily 7 days a week. People want content that is real, natural, close to them, and therefore understandable.

All Internet users attract attention to a truly high-quality content, especially one that not only accurately conveys the most important information but also allows you to find something new and extremely relevant.


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On The Final Note 

Undoubtedly, content marketing continues to be one of the key marketing communication channels in the future. True, the gap between high-quality and poor content will increase. This, in turn, will determine the success of creating high-quality content.

Slides, infographics, podcasts, web-conferences - such new content is rapidly catching up with the reigning text content. Poorly crafted content will result in a poor search engine ranking, and companies that create it will have a lower market share. 


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Quality remains a priority, so content developers will gain both recognition in the eyes of users and more authority in Internet search engines. Will dominate a business that will pay enough attention to content marketing and have a clear strategy. 

The integration of social networks and their promotion of high-quality content will only increase. It is social networks that will help implement many elements of marketing and provide more opportunities for viral marketing.

Writing good, high-quality content will force the reader not only to go back but also to share your information with their friends or even acquaintances who naturally encourage sharing with others. One reader can bring hundreds of visitors to your business from around the world. It is this kind of advertising that everyone wants, but cannot reach by standard advertising services.


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As for you, do you use content marketing? Do you have a clear strategy and action plan? Are you creating content oriented towards users, not robots of search engines? Think about it and if you answered negatively to one of the above-mentioned questions, think about it.

By using content marketing on your site, you really build consumer confidence, thus ensuring reliability in the content creation process itself.

So, content marketing is a great way to give the consumer advice and, at the same time, offer your own product or service.



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