FilmAnnex was best - BitLanders is becoming non-serious and losing authenticity!

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Until a month and half ago or around that time, FilmAnnex was switched to BitLanders. The outlook was awesome with new added features but gradually, and I mean gradually day-by-day, it went down. I am certain almost half of the people who used to write on BitLanders are now looking for other platforms since BitLanders is no more paying according to the BuzzScore. I don't know what is the criteria but the way it is now, it is not encouraging. The +Buzz idea has ruined everything since we do not know what is the REAL buzzscore when we see on our profile.

The revenue has drastically decreased - some people told me it was the system error and they are fixing it and it will be normal again but almost a month passed and nothing is sorted out yet. I kept sending the messages to the official people of BitLanders and they neither replied to my messages nor did they bother to even write a blog what is going on! I know a couple of people on my list have completely forsaken BitLanders.

Moreover, we had a great category of "Press Annex" where we would get some interesting blogs to read and learn - not only that, as a translator, it was a great opportunity to translate those cool blogs and increase our traffic but now BitLanders has taken it down as well. I don't know why - and maybe no one knows why since no one told us why did it happen and if it is temporary or on a permanent basis.

In short, I request BitLanders to bring back the same old format - pay us according to the BuzzScore and also give us more opportunity to make ourselves involved by bringing back Press Annex. I also request to BitLanders to increase the budget since BitCoin vs USD has gone down and where we used to get 550 USD for 1 btc, we now get around 475 - a whole 75USD difference.

Please write in comments if you agree to this blog and if your earnings and revenues have gone down and what are you doing now-a-days to either maintain the BuzzScore or looking for some other platform. Thank you!

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