Finish is starting ...

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The long winter day, my heart felt so cold. But then, thanks to it, we have self-heating, self standing up after the fall, self-learning how to overcome to live well. The cold of the season last year, sooner or later will pass, then heaven and earth will shine in the sun. Like sorrow, will fade and sediment from time gian.Va, please just believe that one day will stay warm heart, life will stay fresh, and you will smile again. As they often say "the end is the beginning of a new journey."

"Today, a surprise sunny day in the steamy days of East-season season I love the most ..

Sit and write ..

Write to the end of the season of love ..

Write to the emotional disruptions, filled with nostalgia for, the word love is not promptly take into words.

Write to the sobbing, the longing for a cold winter day.



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