Fire Woman and shadow

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long ago a girl named Zoey a beautiful little white girl of six years, she was a child I had a beautiful life with his family.
One day at the age of 15 years on a rainy afternoon I went walking down a fight that caused in her family she did not know what to do and uncontrolled went but something happened inside her as more walking something inside her is beginning to turn every memory bad had happened that made her eyes seem to him and the more kindled flames rose and walked more became deeper when the block was going on in her mind she stop looking at her sides realized he knew where there was in the distance I see a person when Mr. came out of his bag a dagger which pierced his side she is totally unaware spent 3 hours rose noticed something very strange she could see far around and could see what smallest to the smallest spider and had dewdrop on a rose.
When I got up I did not feel weak, when I remove it bloody hand he thought he did not have long removed his hand from his side and looking at his wound achievement see how close it was very impressive, she did not know what was wrong.
His life there began a strange life giving name FIRE GIRL AND THE DARK
This story will continue ......