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Beauty in the sky - danger on the ground

Probably nothing else gives so much charm to the festival and such strong impression for the participants as the fireworks. Chaining everyone's attention, sparkling in different colors like the flowers in the sky, enchanting, and every time unique, they enlighten any celebration and become the most welcome part of the evening to the guests gathered together. The beauty of the fireworks opens the spaces and gives you even more sense of impression, but do we think that this beauty can be dangerous because of its explosive power?

Fireworks can not only delight but also give pain and scars. The grand trade in pyrotechnics always starts on the eves of the biggest year holidays, and doctors have to save the victims of fire and explosions every year.


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Everyone will agree that fireworks are beautiful scenery for our eyes and hearts. We all enjoy watching them. Now, fireworks are used not only for the biggest year's holiday - New Year eve but also for the other occasions: cities festivals, public feasts, concerts, and even for birthday parties, and other occasions. Of course, the biggest and most beautiful fireworks we can see at the New Year holiday - it looks like the whole world starts shining by the fireworks of all kinds of shapes and colors.

This time I want to talk about personally used fireworks. I do not know how it is in other countries, but in my country fireworks are used enough wide for any occasion, any bigger celebration. If you have anniversary - make a party with fireworks, if you born baby - make a party with fireworks, you finished school - make a party with fireworks...


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The sad story

How many read instructions on how to safely use fireworks? I will tell you one memory that entered my brain more than 10 years ago. I was still very young, and we went to celebrate a New Year ever with parents to the biggest square of our town. Every year, there gathers about a half citizens to wait for the 12 o'clock, and to watch nicest fireworks show for this occasion as a gift from our city authorities. And at that time, almost every person took his own fireworks. The noise of those personal running fireworks was like you were in the war: everyone shot his fireworks, everywhere flew various pyrotechnic products of all the kinds... I was scared and held my dad's hand cowering from every shot that happened near me. I so disliked this shooting...

And someone suddenly started crying laud that needs a doctor. It happened not far away from us. One pyrotechnic product hit the old woman to her abdomen and stuck there... Blood, cry, panic.... The woman fell down, people gathered around her, then we heard the ambulance siren... And still, some people did not stop shooting fireworks... The woman was taken to the hospital. It's not helped - she died. So stupid, so unnecessary death... She could live more years still if not a fool who had no responsibility for acting with fireworks close to other people.


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After this accident with fireworks, I did not go to the square next year to meet a New Year. And again, there happened an accident with fireworks - a man lost his hand there. After this second accident, the city authorities forbade to use of pyrotechnics in our town square, but people still use them everywhere else.

May I am scared but I do not like when people personally shooting fireworks close to apartment buildings or near the people. If you go outside to look how people are running fireworks near the homes, you can see that even children are doing this. I do not know why people let children play with pyrotechnics, it is dangerous, and it is dangerous not only for your own children but also for all surroundings.

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Fireworks Safety Tips

There are rules how we can use pyrotechnics but just a few, I guess, read them, and follow them. I took time to search some info about this topic and want to share it with you. Take care of yourself and your close ones, never act like an irresponsible person, even one mistake can break down a life of someone. And it can be you, it can be your child staying next to you, it can be your beloved or any other person. 


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If you are handling the pyrotechnics careless, it can endanger both health and property.

  • Do not use fireworks of self-made or obscure origin. In no way can self-made fireworks of unknown origin be used. It would be advisable to buy fireworks that are certified and tested in your country, which are predictable. When buying vague, self-made pyrotechnic products, it is never known what the result will be, how they will work.
  • Pay attention to the firework firework firework firework firework firework firework firework fireworks instruction. All fireworks sold legally are labeled with your country's official language. It lists the security requirements that need to be addressed: how to safely run fireworks, or whether a pyrotechnic product can be used indoors, the age at which a pyrotechnic product can be used. These requirements must be followed.
  • Keep fireworks in a safe place out of the reach of children. Children are advised not to allow firing rockets or similar pyrotechnic tools. And legislation stipulates that only some pyrotechnic products are sold to people over 14 years of age. Powerful tools are only for adults. Through ignorance, children can contribute to various problems or even inflame buildings.


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  • Choose a safe place to light the fireworks. A safe place is a place away from buildings, cars, people gathering places. During the celebration, the concert, or the New Year celebrations, it would not be appropriate to allow the fireworks to be taken in the middle of the crowd. It is best to shoot fireworks in an open space, where they cannot be prevented, such as tree branches or other things. There are cases where fireworks burn a fire at multi-dwelling houses, especially their balconies. The rockets occasionally unexpectedly change direction or run at such an angle that they hit the balcony, do not adhere to a safe distance.
  • Do not shoot fireworks out of hand. If the firework is "more serious" than a cold fire, keeping it in your hands and letting it out of your hands is not strongly recommended. In doing so, there is a risk of burning your hands, and if a pyrotechnic product, such as a firefighter, explodes too quickly, injures your fingers.


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  • Keep safe your face. The head area, especially the face and the eyes, are also often the subject of irresponsible handling of fireworks. Therefore, fireworks cannot be directed to other people, to use in the crowd, in crowded places, and so on. And if you see that someone near you is trying to light a firework of a large size, you should rather get away. Sometimes, the firework particles get in the eye. It is worth taking glasses to safely enjoy the view of the fireworks.
  • Be extremely careful with rocket fireworks. Rocket fireworks launchers that run at high speeds straight up are very dangerous from the point of view of fire safety. Usually, most of the fires are caused by such rockets. Their power is often sufficient to break the window of an apartment or living house or injure a person.
  • If the fireworks do not explode - do not rush to access it. Occasionally there are situations where a firework does not work as it should. The burner burns, the flame is like it appears, but there is no effect that should be.


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  • Do not leave flammable, potentially flammable materials on the balcony of the dwelling in the New Year's night. In case of fire due to spontaneously released explosives, immediately call firefighters. If your stuff gets inflamed, if it is not a device with electric voltage, it is best to fight the fire with water or extinguishing fabrics such as felt.

So, the fireworks are explosive; it can cause burns, damages to the skin or eyes, and so on. Be especially careful with unfinished fireworks. Always read the danger labels they are labeled and follow all the safety instructions.

According to danger, there are four fireworks  categories:

Category 1 - fireworks of very low risk, very low noise, are intended for use in enclosed areas, also used in residential areas;

Category 2 - fireworks of low risk, low noise, are intended for use in fenced areas in the open air;

Category 3 - medium-risk fireworks intended for use in large open areas, noise emission limits are not exceeded;

Category 4 - fireworks of high danger, they are intended for use only by pyrotechnics specialists, their limit values (permissible) for noise emissions are not exceeded.


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The final word 

Both bigger and smaller stores offer to diversify our holidays with colors, sounds or other effects. Of course, pyrotechnic products can decorate our celebrations very much and even leaving a big impression, but please, never forget about fireworks safety and do not risk without a need. Care about your family, your children and always act according to the rules. Make your celebrations a true feast, not a disaster with tears.  

Enjoy the holidays responsibly and protect yourself and others


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